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Based in Stroud Gloucesterhire, Ryeford Engineering have the skills and experience to manufacture your metal products through a variety of specialist services including custom bracket and metal fabrication, sheet metal rolling and metal polishing. Our highly skilled staff and new technology in machinery all contribute to creating your vision and demand of what is required into a finishing product that you are satisfied with. We cater to the Gloucester area and further surrounding locations including Cheltenham, Bristol and Swindon. Our commitment to investing in new high tech machinery will bring down consumer costs, at the same time not lowering the quality of the finished product as quality and cost is most important! Our previous projects display large scale projects and stainless steel work to framework and cabinet work. We ensure quality, reliability and strength is delivered through our work and are proud of our achievements. For more information about our specialist services don’t hesitate to call us today- one of our team at Ryeford Engineering will be more than happy to help- 01453 825841.

New Laser Cutter Installed 

We would like to announce our latest investment in continuous improvement to our facility adding a 3kw laser machine that has the capability of cutting mild steel (0.5- 20mm), stainless steel (0.5-12mm), Aluminium (0.5-10mm), Brass (0.5-8mm) and copper 0.5-6mm we can also cut other desired materials upon request.. The machine can hold a 3000 mm x 1500 mm sheet and has two alternating cutting tables for pre-loading while an exsisting job is being cut, this making sure to maximise the running time and producing more jobs in less time.

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Commercial & Industrial

Since Ryeford was founded in 1986 it has built a vast relationship with Local, National and International Businesses. We have an in-depth knowledge of fabricating steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass products. We can help design your custom bracket products to the finished customer specification’s using one of our sophisticated cad systems. Our customers can vary throughout Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon from a local builder requiring steel work to a multinational company looking to deal with stock parts for their products, as we all know with higher demand from the middle east China and India can sometimes let you down on delivery!

Quick Turnaround



If time is of the essence and you just can’t wait 4-6 weeks for parts which can be very stressful for companies that have a quick turnaround, then we can provide you with either a premium service for your custom bracket fabrication or a kanban system. What is Kanban? Kanban is an inventory-control system to control the supply chain. Simply we can always have your parts at hand on the shelf when required through a scheduling system put in place by our customers.

Small & Large Orders

Here at Ryeford we are always looking to cut costs for our customers through investing in new high tech equipment which will speed up our process and drive down consumer cost, this can be the case for either small or large quantities of sheet metal rolling and metal polishing. Larger orders will see the biggest benefits as set up time will be distributed across all of the parts on an order. Please be advised we have a minimum order charge of £25 due to set up costs for any pieces of metal cut.

Raw Metal Suppliers

Did you know we can also supply you with your various sheet metals in Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and copper. If you are taking on your own projects and require sectional steel, then we have a wide variety from round, square, angle, universal beams and Specials. We can also provide Sheets, Perforated or Mesh in all the above materials.


Free Delivery

Gloucester | Cheltenham | Bristol | Swindon


We supply our many metal fabrication services to a range of industries within Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol and Swindon from large food and pharmaceutical companies to water and oil industries. We offer a consultancy stage whereby you can get in touch with one of our specialist team that will talk you through the process from quote price through to production of your finished metal product and time of delivery.

Outside of our free delivery area we can make arrangements depending on regular work, if it is a one time order we can arrange for our courier to pick up for delivery.                                

Quality Assured



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We ensure quality is delivered throughout and are proud of our achievements of metal fabrication and polishing as well as sheet metal rolling which you can see in ‘Our Work’. Over the years our customers have been built through reputation and the quality of work, our high standards echos throughout the highly skilled workforce that we have to date.

The importance of creating quality within reflects our core company principle of innovation, precision and creativity. Ryeford Engineering’s workforce adapts to different project requirements to always result in 100% customer satisfaction.

Our 5 step process

Using the latest in sophisticated processes and systems we can help design your product from concept to creation. Investing in new hi-tech machinery means we can provide you with a quality service and competitve price.

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Recently we have been making improvements in our factory, colour coding machinery and painting floors. We feel that presentation is incredibly important when bringing in potential new customers as this will give them a good first impression that there's quality in everything we do.

RVD Laser

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Marc Psalia


I have been a customer for over 15 years … always an excellent service from everyone involved and when needed above and beyond that too. Highly recommend.

Nadine Hadden


Highly approachable and professional with a high standard of fabrication. They’ve managed to do a job which others failed to do well in the past. I’m very pleased with the job and will be looking to do repeat business with Ryeford Engineering.

Giles Rayner

Water Sculpter/Artist

Ryeford were the firm I have been searching for, for many years! Not just a pleasant family-run business with a great workshop, but also an awesome skill level combined with the versatility to do the difficult kind of technical jobs I need to achieve. Looking forward to their assistance with many more things to come. 



Andy Ward

Head of Production

I’ve used Ryeford Engineering for the past 25 years. During this time they’ve always had exceptional Customer service, quality and expertise for both one offs and batch work in a variety of different materials.


Jim Fearns

Indirect Purchasing Liaison


Ryeford Engineering provide an essential service to our tooling and maintenance team. Their high quality, short lead time service has got us out of trouble more times than I dare to mention . . . many thanks to Nick and his colleagues. 


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