Tube Rolling

We are the market leader locally in tube rolling, through investing in new machinery we can cut down lead times and drive down costs for the consumer. With our many services including metal fabrication and sheet metal rolling we are able to complete a job regardless of its complexity in size and your specific requirements. Ryeford Engineering provides a sheet metal rolling and bending service that is both affordable and of quality.

Rolled Wheels

These steel wheels have been precisely rolled on our new NC rolling machine out of 8mm steel and 10mm middle plate inserted and fully welded. They are coated in polyurethane and used as a trommel wheel or for fork lifts, they can be made in various diameters according to our customer’s specifications.


Coned Tube Assembly

Coned Tube assembly made for the Water, Oil and Gas industry. The tubes are fitted with sensors to test liquid flow through a certain period of time.

Mould Cladding

Construction Date: Summer 2015

Mould cladding made for insulating oil pipe lines. Due to sub zero temperatures down below the sea bed oil pipelines can start to congeal, the theory behind this was to clad the pipelines and inject an insulation to ensure sufficient flow and eradicate down time.