Stainless Steel

We have in depth knowledge of  fabricating stainless steels 304, 316 and super duplex steels. As you will see in this section our work is finished to the highest of standards. “Quality is not an act it’s a habit.”


Scientific Oven

Inner chamber of a scientific oven used in testing parts under pressure and extreme temperatures they are mainly used in universities and in scientific laboratories. Made from 316 stainless steel, this is used in corrosive or outdoors as it is ideal in these harsh environments.

Punched Rings

Small Stainless steel punched rings with tags for a company who are in the water, oil and gas industry. These were drawn on Radan software and punched on our CNC punch machine which can go up to 3mm thick.

Kitchen Worktop

Construction Date: Spring 2011

We were given the task of making a kitchen top with sink integrated from Heartwood Design and the finished article looks sleek alongside their great woodworking craftsmanship!

Stainless Steel Spiral

Construction Date: Summer 2008

Stainless steel 316 screw for food mixing. Tig welded neatly and polished finish to be crack and crevice free.

Stainless steel spiral