Some of our customers have come to us in the past with their framework being wrong from the existing suppliers. One order with Ryeford and they couldn’t believe how much time they had saved with things being correct. We usually tell them aren’t things suppose to fit together first time.

Furnace Inner Chamber

Framework and inner chamber made for Severn thermal solutions , they have a wide range of experience in design and manufacture of high temperature furnaces and environmental chambers for a wide variety of applications within industry and academia. Our product and knowledge base is vast, ranging from Furnace systems for processing or testing advanced ceramics at temperatures up to 3000°C to environmental chambers used for materials testing and processing applications at temperatures as low as –180°C.

Wash Plant

Wash plant made for Jaguar to clean parts ready for assembly, the frame and hopper inside is made completely from stainless steel and fully welded which was extremely time consuming due to the water tight specifications. This was made indirectly through Mecelec Design ltd one of our most valued customers that we have built a great relationship over the last 15 years.

Testing Frames

Testing frames for a local company that we have been working with for the last 5 years, they are relatively new to the market, but its personnel have long and thorough experience of the theory and practice of materials testing, particularly impact testing and rheology. They are a small and agile company, dedicated to materials testing and with an ethos that emphasises accuracy, reliability, safety and personal relationships with our customers.

Impact Testers, Drop Weight Testers, Drop Weight Tear Testers (DWTT) and Rheometers they are used all over the world to test the properties of materials, components and assemblies in industries such as aerospace, polymer processing, steel production, automotive and academic research.